Posted: November 3, 2010 in General Awareness

In tamil Jyothidam there are two methods that are usually followed.. one is vaakyam. vaakyam is the ancient method . and it was created at the period when the clocks doesnt exist . hence vaakyam is not so accurate. and the next one is thirukanitham.. this methodology was started after the inventions of clocks and the planets positions and timings. hence it is said to be an accurate one.. and mostly the ancient astrologers used to follow the Vaakyam only.

For an evidence the solar and the lunar eclipse that occured in the year 1950 was indicated in wrong time in vaakyam whereas in thirukanitham it was accurate. hence from that time astrologers begin to follow thirukanitham.

I am amateur on this . If anything wrong pls comment on the blog


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