CourtAllam Season Bangs!

Posted: June 25, 2011 in General Awareness


Courtallam is one of the best place to relish your holidays. I spent 3 full days in courallam which was one of the unforgettable moment in my life. I gonna chew the fat. Season starts in May end and now it’s the right time to visit there. There are three important places there.

(1) Main Falls is nearer to bus stand and if we stay near main falls it would be better. Because it is centre for all the places in Courtallam. Since it is very nearer to bus stand Main Falls will be always look crowd.
(2) Five Falls is 6 Kms away from Main Falls. This falls has a forte. It will look like Adhisesha. The falls resembles hooded cobra.
(3) Old Falls is around 12 Kms away from Bus stand. And it is rarely frequented. In my view It is the best among the three.

Some of the places that we visited apart from CourtAllam are

(1) Gundar dam is located 20 kms away from kutralam. From the nadir of the mountain we have to travel in a jeep to reach the falls. 8 members can travel in a jeep and costs Rs.140 up and down.
(2) Manalar is in kerala distict and one hour from courtallam. Its 2 kms from Achankoil. I have never seen a such a place before. Water falls down from 25ft height. Wow you cant even stand continuously for a minute in that water falls. But it will be very enjoyable place.
(3) Manimuthar dam is in papanasam. Two hours journey from Courallam. It’s a shooting spot. It would be better if we reach there before 9 a.m.

I have shared my experience. People who are planning to visit Courtallam have a nice and safe journey!


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