Vittala Panduranga!

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Temple

I am very lucky to visit Govindapuram temple for second time this week. It was an awesome journey. Govindapuram is located near kumbakonam. Mr. Jaya Krishna Deekshadhar popularly known as Vittaldas Maharaj built this temple. His mentor asked him to built a temple for Lord Krishna who is in pandaripuram. But the condition was, He should not lend money from others for building the temple. The money should be collected only by doing bhajan. After decades of hard work, by doing bhajans at various places he saved money and built this temple.

Salient features of this temple

1. Since it is located in the NH between kumbakonam and Mayiladuthurai , bus facilities are good. There are so many local busses available too.
2. The temple is completely built in north Indian style. Unimaginable art works are done in the temple.
3. For the past 20 days they are doing continuous bhajans and provided food for 24 X 7. The food they provide is excellent.
4. Lots and lots of rooms are built around the temple . So that people coming from long distance can book rooms near temple.
5. Temple is located near river Kaveri. So no water scarcity!
6. We can touch and workship pandurangan and rukmini as like kasi and other north Indian temples.
7. Doing a continuous bhajan of 160 hours this temple created a record
8. There is no other pandurangan temple with much popularity present in tamilnadu. This is the first one.
9. They are maintaining a Goshala , where there are lacks of cows. With the help of donations they are maintaining it!

Temple timings

Morning 8.30 to 12 noon
Evening 4.30 to 7

For more details visit

Vittala Panduranga!


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