Zebronics portable speaker!

Posted: August 1, 2011 in General Awareness
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I thought of buying speaker for my laptop since the usual sound system in laptop is not enough to watch movies.. I looked up for a speaker which is cost effective at the same time easy to carry.. At the end I went for Zebronic portable speaker..Its usb driven and very small in size..

I thought usb driven speakers cant compete with power driven speaker as it gets direct ac power. But my assumption was purely wrong.. Its working fine and sound is extremely good..As its usb driven there is no separate power source needed.. size of it is tantamount to small green apple! And haggled with the shopkeeper and got it for Rs.350. And regarding color, there are two colors available. Mettalic black and Red. Mettalic black is looking so good.. If you have any idea of buying speaker for laptop just go for it!

Preview of red colored speaker is in this link



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