Posted: August 3, 2011 in General Awareness
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Snoring is a familiarized problem that dwells in our society. In this post I wish to share the reasons and remedies for snoring. Snoring isn’t that much bad, but only because of it most of divorces happened. Let us know few funny but interesting things about snoring.

• You cannot dream when you snore
• Men snore more
• More car accidents made because of sleeping disorders than drunken drivers
• Strain and stress will lead to arguments and will end in divorce

Inevitably, snoring should be cured for leading a successful and happy life. But what makes to snore? Snoring is not because of one particular reason. There are so many as listed below

• As we reach middle age our nasal tissues gets narrower which causes snoring
• Men have narrow nasal passage than women. Hence men snore more
• Being overweight or out of shape
• Alcohol and smoking
• Bad sleeping posture

Before we get into the remedies we should know the things that has not be done. Sleeping alone will not stop snoring of your partner. Don’t get into argument with your partner on behalf of snoring. Using hear phones, noice machines to escape from partner’s snoring is not advisable. Some of the remedies are

• Communicate with your partner who snores
• Try reducing your weight
• Quit smoking and taking alcohol
• Clear nasal passages regularly
• Keep your bedroom neat and clean
• Don’t sleep in suffocated environment
• Establish regular sleep patterns
• Reposition your sleep
• Avoid taking large meals, caffeine before going to bed

*** Elevate your head four inches makes ease breathing and reduces snoring up to an extent ***



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