Keeping your computers near magnets will wipe out the data

Posted: August 4, 2011 in General Awareness
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If you keep magnets near your computers it will have a greater impact on it. To know why we have to discuss how computers are fabricated to store data in it.

When I said, keeping magnets near to computer will erase out the data. It inevitably proves that there is magnetic substance used to store data inside computers. Yes, the data we enter will be saved in hard disk with the help of magnetic substance. By using those magnetic substances we are storing the data in the form of light. Hence powerful magnets will have an impact on it. By infracting your hard disk you can ascertain that the particles inside the hard disk are magnetic substances..

How data is getting erased? Magnetic substance inside a hard disk makes the particles to arrange in a particular manner. When a new electro magnet is brought near to it the data particles will rearrange themselves in an unorganized pattern which makes the hard disk futile.

Then how we can say our data is safe? Still we are safe because, only powerful magnets have implications in it. Small scale magnet or low range electro magnetic substances won’t affect the data. So, at home you can keep magnets near computers. But avoid taking your laptop to factories, labs where they use large scale electro magnets


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