Mp3 Cutter And Joiner in Linux

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Linux
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While using windows i used trial version of mp3 cutter and joiner .. After some time i was unable to continue using the software since i didnt have the key for the software.. Then i made a search in linux .. mp3splt and mp3wrap are very cool light weighted softwares.. I wonder, the size of download was less than 1 MB and the speed is the miracle. It is used only in command line editor. Lets learn how to install and run mp3splt and mp3wrap..

1. Open the terminal from menu
2. Install the software by following command

$sudo apt-get install mp3wrap mp3splt

Thats it! the installation process i over..Now lets learn how we have to use this software.


For splitting a mp3 file into pieces do as follows..

1. Move to the location of the file..Which can be done by $cd command..For example if i have a mp3 called abc.mp3 in Music folder then i will use as

$cd /home/Music

2. Once u enter into the directory , use ls command to list all the files.. And check whether your file name exists

3. if i find abc.mp3 in the list then i ll use

$mp3splt abc.mp3 00.00 01.00 03.00

By hitting the above command i am splitting abc.mp3 into 2 pieces..
First half from 00.00 to 01.00
Second half from 01.00 to 03.00


If i need to merge two files into a single mp3 then follow the first two steps in mp3splt..then type as

$mp3wrap merged_filename.mp3 filename1.mp3 filename2.mp3

Now the audio in filename1.mp3 and filename2.mp3 will be concatenated and saved to merged_filename.mp3..


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