Do you have the habit of watching tv while eating? — Must read this!

Posted: December 9, 2011 in General Awareness
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Today in news paper i read an article.. It was hard to believe.. Everyone of us would ve seen many advertisement for noodles.. In that ads, children will slurp noodles.. Small children tries to imitate as in the advertisement.. You know what it results in? Medical Emergency! Last week a small children tried to slurp noodles as shown in the ad and it resulted in choking.. The children was unable to breath .. But by gods grace they hurried to hospital and saved the life..

Its duty of the parent to teach their children the way to eat .. And they should keep eye on them.. Dont think that these incidents are happening once in blue moon.. Its so frequent.. In a month Government Hospitals handling 7 to 10 cases… Doctor’s first advise is to avoid watching TV while eating.. Most of us have those bad habit which results in these kind of problems.

First let us know how choking occurs. When a person swallows food, the epiglottis at the back of the tongue blocks the entrance of the windpipe. The food bypasses the windpipe and passes through the foodpipe into the stomach. If food gets lodged in the windpipe, choaking occurs and leads to suffocation.

When someone has struck in this problem you need to do two things immediately.. Firstly, call 108 for emergency.. Next try Heimlich Manoeuvre….. If you are not aware of how to perform Heimlich Manoeuvre ..Click Here

I think by reading this article you would have got some awareness.. Lets try to avoid using cell phones, watching tv when we eat..


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