Do’s and Dont’s during eclipse

Posted: December 10, 2011 in General Awareness
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Today evening lunar eclipse lasts from 6.15 p.m to 9.47 p.m. Let us know, the things we should do and what we should not! I am not writing this post referring any scientific explanations or reasons..Its purely based on the approach that our ancestors followed. First let us know about the things that should not be done during eclipse.. Be idle in a place .. Because during lunar eclipse the whole world will be surrounded with darkness. Its not safe to roam outside.. Better be at home.. Next, dont eat anything.. we should take food before 9 hours of lunar eclipse and 12 hours of solar eclipse.. It is to be said that the digestion power will be low when we are in darkness. So we should not eat during eclipse.

Now, the thing we need to do. Since the darkness surrounds the part of the world which is affected by eclipse, it is said to be impure.. Hence we are advised to chant or meditate or doing bhajans during eclipse.. To remove the impurity we should take bath and should change our cloths. Although there are no scientific reasons behind these approach, we have to follow our ancestors path.


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