Live like a crow

Posted: December 13, 2011 in General Awareness
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How should a man live? Like a crow? Is this topic looking queer. If you ask me .. I say no.. Because we should learn to live from environs. Nature teaches the man the style to live. How?

In south indian tradition we give food to crow before we eat.. Have you ever seen a single crow eating your food? Never. But we? If we get a food and so many people around us, the first thing we do is to move to an isolated place. Have you ever seen a crow silently eating the food ? Never. Even if you are not in that place it will caw and eat. Thats the respect.

The same crow sometimes cheats and picks the food from some strangers..But notice keenly.. It will eat that food alone.. It will never share the thieved food. But we? will share the money only if we got as bribe or if its black.. Have you ever seen a scene where a crow is dead and its alone..never..but in case of human we can see a lot.. How many of us having the habit of washing our hands and legs when we return home.. But crow, when it returns home will at least flip its body in water.

Have you ever seen crows while they indulge in reproduction.. But in case of humans, just go and see in parks and beaches.. *******************************************************************************************************
Animals live united.. But we?

Hence even though the animals lack in 6th sense they live a much better life than us.. Humans—-?????
“learn to live for others”


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