Self Medication is too hazardous

Posted: December 13, 2011 in General Awareness
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Nowadays, Self medication has become quite common among ourselves. Whenever we feel tired or having some little disturbance in our health we take antibiotics and cure ourself without consulting the doctor. Actually we are not curing ourself, we are trying to get temporary relief and at the same time we are spoiling our health.

Antibiotics are the substance which kills or slows down the growth of bacteria and hence it is also called as Bacteriostatic. It’s basic function is to cure any infection in the body.. By taking some pills of our own choice we are alleviating the pain temporarily. Antibiotics kills the bacteria, where as parasites and viruses are unaffected by it. Hence we only get a temporary cure and we will be affected by the same disease later.

Since we take powerful antibiotics of our choice, our immunity gets reduced. Next time when we go for medication we have to take even more powerful antibiotics for the relief. Without consulting doctor or a professional guide we should not take any antibiotic. Because they know the level of drug to be induced for the cure.


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