Today, i came across a very shocking article. 1 in 5 Indians have diabetes and Blood Pressure. Screen India’s Twin Epidemic (SITE) made a survey by 16,000 people in various places and released it on Monday. According to them 60% or 3 out of every 5 Indians have diabetes or hypertension or both. And 61.5% of the people who got affected was non-vegetarians. Although the life span of the people increased in amount than the previous generations, we are increasingly attacked by new born diseases since we lack in immunity..

Prevention is better than cure.. Now, its the time to think what we have to follow in order to get escaped from these commonly occurring diseases. Before getting affected by these kind of diseases we use vehicles for visiting the nearby shops. But after we get diabetes we walk 5 kms a day. what’s the use? prefer walking when you go to a nearby distance.

Changing your dietary habits will increase your resistivity against these diseases. Don’t miss the seasonal fruits. Eat green vegetables(Spinach, Broccoli etc). Orange veggies(carrot,pumpkin) are very gud for health. Avoid spicy food. Add beans and wheat to food often..

The next one is the best way.. Exercise daily.. 15 mins of exercise will prevent you from any kind of irregularities. Add Jogging, walking to your regular activity. Test yourself regularly.. Better take a full body test once in an year to know your body condition.


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