Audio and Video converters in linux

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Linux
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There is no additional software need to be installed for audio conversion.. Sound converter is pre-installed in linux mint 11.. Since its in GUI, work is bit easy.. Just grab the input file.. Select your desired output format from edit->Preferences.. Set your options.. Click convert..

But, in case of video, really i baffled for a while.. tried 2 or 3 softwares and got succeeded with a command line operation.. avidemix, winff are some GUI based video converters .. avide mux is an awesome tool but it looked little complicated for me..i go for ffmpeg.

For installing ffmpeg type

$ sudo apt-get ffmpeg

My task was to convert a flv file to mp3… i went thro many commands at last got succeeded with this..

$ ffmpeg -i input.flv -vn -acodec copy output.mp3

i really wonder, it took not even 2 seconds to convert an 10 min video file. when i was using video converters in linux it took at least a minute for the conversion. Since, there are a plenty of formats available i couldn’t furnish commands for each and everything.. Just google it or get it from the manual by typing this command

$ man ffmpeg -formats

but in basic, the conversion format is

$ ffmpeg InputFile OutputFile


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