Navagraha Temple – Pazhur

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Temple
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Pazhur is located in Trichy to Karur highways road. Its in 9 km distance from Trichy bus stand. Navagraha temple in pazhur is an unheeded temple which has a bundle of forte. Chiefly, this temple is famous for navagraha(9 planets) but the main idol of this temple is Kasi Vishwanathar(Lord Shiva) and Goddess Visalakshi(Lord Parvathi). The below picture shows Lord Shiva and Parvathi in Rishabha Vehichle(Cow is the vehicle for Lord Shiva)

Though the temple looks small it is prominent among the navagraha temple.This temple was buit by an Pandian Emperor. The speciality about this is, Trichy was the capital of Chola Kingdom. And Hostility existed between Cholas and Pandians forver. Still its a mystery that how the pandian temple was built in Chola’s place. In the temple wall Pandian’s have established their sign. The fish sign in the wall denoting that the temple was built by Pandian Emperor.

Another mystery in this temple is, the main god is Lord shiva but the temple was built by Sri Vaishnavas who workship only lord Vishnu.. I got this information from Priest who is maintaining this temple.
The temple timings are shown in the picture :

We would have seen Navagraham’s in every Shiva temple. But only in this temple, Each Navagraha God(Sun,Jupiter,Mercury,etc) has appeared with their spouse. And we can see all the Navagraha gods residing in their vehicle(like Bull is the Vehicle for Saturn,etc.). All the Navagraha god has weapon in their hand. Each Navagraha god has its own Chakra encrypted in the sculpture.

According to astrology we have been controlled by the effects of 9 planets. In a particular period, certain planets will do good for us and others will do the converse . In order to alleviate the negative effects of those planets we have to chant some mantras. kolaru thirupagam is one of those. First three line in the image saying that “One who chants this kolaru thirupagam mantra regularly will get escaped from the negative effects of the planets. Make use of it”

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