Are you getting a very good signal strength inside your home,office premises? where ever you go, were you be able to get full signal strength? If yes, don’t be happy about it.. To get increase mobile signal we have planted as many towers as possible.. Result ? we have bumped off contemporaries of bird species. Indirectly, we are also responsible for demolition of few rare species.. Cuckoo is one of those. Now, once in a blue moon we are seeing those species.

India has roughly 4 lakh mobile towers according to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai). These towers also consume a huge amount of energy-about 2.7 crore units of electricity and over 200 crore litres of diesel daily.According to Trai, the 3G/BWA rollout will require extra 1 lakh towers to cater to a total of 100 crore subscribers by 2014.

Where we are leading our country? 16 years after the introduction of mobile technology, government of India has opened their eyes to take redemptive actions to save these species. Electromagnetic Radiation is not a peril for birds alone. We, humans are also getting affected. If it persist like this, we have to face a very dark future. The radiation exposure limit of towers is very high, so towers should not be located in residential areas. But now? Just go upstairs and see. How many towers we are surrounded with.
Several organisations and citizens groups have been protesting over the years against mobile radiation towers, pointing out that these pose a grave health hazard. These protests have finally pushed the government to issue these guidelines. If you really care about the environment Hit like and create awareness about this.


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