How to mount and unmount images in linux

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Linux
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When i was using Win xp i had to create a virtual drive through power iso, alcohol 120 or nero smart… Everytime the trial period gets expired and i would be in trouble when i were in need to extract iso..

In linux mounting and unmounting iso images is so simple.. Here to we have some softwares to read iso.. gmountiso and isomaster.. there of few 100 kb size.. but through terminal its too simple..


open the terminal

Login as root by su command

$ su

Create a directory ie. mount point

$ mkdir /mnt/mountpoint

move to the location where iso is saved and type

$ mount -o loop abc.iso /mnt/mountpoint

We have created a directory named mountpoint and in that directory we have extracted the contents of abc.iso..


Unmount is so simple.. use umount(its ‘umount’ not ‘unmount’. Be careful while typing )

$umount /mnt/mountpoint

Just specify the directory where we have extracted the iso file…


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