Linux Scheduler — Made my dream true!

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Linux
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I am a download freak.. But my free download time was morning 2 to 8… Getting up at 2 and putting download gives disturbance to sleep.. Thought it would be better if application starts and closes at specific timings.. In windows, i tried a lot.. but i couldn’t .. then i used internet download manager and scheduled download.. I had only a trial version.. So there was no use..

But when i moved to linux mint.. It made my dream to come true.. The work is very simple..Even there was no need for me to install new software.. already the scheduler software is pre-installed. If you are good in command line go for crontab command to schedule your work.. I am just a beginner.. So i am using GUI..

open the Scheduler tasks software.. Click new to add a new task. if you wanna perform the task once just click once option.. if you need it daily go for the first one.. For example , if i need to open my torrent downloader at 2 a.m daily.. and automatically it should be stopped at 8 a.m.. click on recurring task.. Give the name of the task as description.. i ll give as torrent.. in the second text box we need to write the command.. Dont get tensed. Its too easy to find the command.. Click menu and go to the specific application.. For me, its qbittorrent.. right click and select edit properties. A window will open in which you can find the command.. Now copy the command and paste it in the scheduler tasks .

Since i need to start at specific timings. Click on advanced.. Specify minutes and hours.. for example..minutes as 00 and hours as 02.. so that this command will run at 2.00 a.m.. Just click add and finish.. close all applications .. Make sure that your computer is tured on.. At 2.00 , automatically qbittorrent application will be started. Now comes the second part.. i need to stop the application.. Follow the same procedure and add another scheduler task.. In the command line type /usr/bin/pkill APPLICATION_NAME. for example.. /usr/bin/pkill qbittorrent.. it will kill the qbittorrent thread and will close the application.


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