A deplorable year for elephants

Posted: December 30, 2011 in General Awareness
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In past two years we have come through some locutions saying “SAVE TIGERS”. But, Now we need to add one more in the extinction list. Yeah, its elephant. 2011 is the most horrible year for proboscidean. The largest mammal which lives on earth is being slayed in Brobdingnagian amount..

Twenty years back the population estimation of elephants in Africa were between 5 to 10 million. In 1980’s the ivory theft was at the peak which downgraded the population to 6,00,000. In 1989, ivory trade was strictly banned in all the nations but still backdoor entries are going on. On Dec 21,2011, 1.3 million dollar worth ivory tusks were being transported to Cambodia which has been seized by the airport authorities.

Comparing the past 13 years, 2011 is the most frightful year for elephants. Nearly 800 Kilograms of ivory has been transported by moon cursers. Still, agencies are not able to calculate about the number of elephants extincted this year. But, the records shows that extinction rate is higher than ever. It’s our duty to preserve nature and animals around us. Lets create some awareness about this to save the largest mammal in this world..


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