Health benefits of drinking tea!

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Health
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A chronic argument always exist between tea and coffee. Which one will ameliorate your health? the answer is tea. Tea contains less caffeine content than coffee. The advantages of tea over coffee are umpteen. Tea contains antioxidants which protects our body from pollution and ravages of aging. An eight-ounce cup of coffee contains 135 mg of caffeine where as tea contains only 40 mg. Tea mends the immune system. A research is made on a couple of people who drink 5 tea’s a day and on people who drink 5 coffee’s a day. Those who drunk tea got higher immunity activity in blood.

Drinking tea will fight against cancer. The antioxidant named ‘polyphenol’ is present in tea which fights against the cancer causing agents. Tea is a calorie free beverage. Consuming it for a week will reduce 1 pound of weight in your body. Tea makes our arteries smooth and reduces cholesterol content which avoids stroke and heart attack. More importantly, drinking tea will urge you to a relaxed state. If you feel stressed at a particular situation, just go and have a cup of tea. You will come out of it.

Best way to shed extra kilos without making any change in diet is by drinking tea. It has been proved by Kobe University, Japan. Their research on consumption of tea resulted that tea consumers are not easily getting affected by type 2 diabetes. Tea is available in many flavours. The research on green tea proves it to be better than black tea. Black tea makes some harmful effects on blood vessels. Too much of anything is not for good. Excess tea consumption will increase urination by 400%. Taking 2 or 3 tea a day will give us a good health benefits and helps us to stay away from the problems.


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