Convert .chm to .pdf Linux

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Linux
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Usually we will look around for something without knowing the fact that we already have the same with us.. Some e-books are not available in pdf formats whereas we can easily get those books in .chm(by Microsoft) format.. I thought of converting chm book to pdf format and searched everywhere in net.. At last i knew that the software is pre-installed in linux mint.. Name of the software is chm2pdf.

If this software is not available in your system type the following command in terminal

$ sudo apt-get install chm2pdf

We can form a pdf book either from chm format or a bulk of html files. Correspondingly we have 2 options..they are



Go to the location where you have kept the chm book and type

$ chm2pdf –book book_name.chm book1_name.pdf

book_name.chm –> input file name

book1_name.pdf –> output file name

sometimes –book shows the error .. Try –continuous instead of –book.. it will work.

  1. spritecraft says:

    $ chm2pdf –book book_name.chm book1_name.pdf


  2. Segmentation fault (core dumped)
    Something wrong happened when launching htmldoc.
    exit value: 35584
    Check if output exists or if it is good.

    why it can be??

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