Create a Shield and stay away from impairments

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Health
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We are well aware of plenty of foods which are rich in nutrients. Among those, foods which have the strength of healing our body is present only in Lilliputian scale. Now, we are going to discuss about those foods which ameliorates our strength to fight against cancer, heart attacks and Cholesterol levels.

1. Kiwis : Kiwis are rich in Vitamin C and contains potassium in it. Kiwis have more fiber in it when compared to apple and banana. It fights against cancer causing agents and helps to reduce the cholesterol level in our body. Kiwis contains enzymes which will evaporate when exposed to air. Its better to eat when it is cut.

2. Cherries : Cherries has antioxidants and vitamins in it. It is also an excellent source of important fiber. But cherries are rich in natural sugars and available in very few localities.

3. Beans : Beans contains vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Beans helps to maintain blood sugar levels and insulin production. Beans serve a high level of anti oxidants to our body . It is recommended that we take beans at least twice in a week.

4. Spinach : Spinach is considered to be the king of foods. If you consume spinach in a routine basis you can stay away from most of the diseases. Spinach is rich in Vitamin A , Vitamin C and it contains folic acid. It fight against cancer, heart diseases and eye diseases. It is recommended to take 400 grams of spinach once in a week.

5. Carrot : We should aim to take one carrot a day since it is helps for proper functioning of eyes and ears. It has high level of antioxidants and stimulates the immune system. Carrots are better to eat as in raw state or lightly cooked state.


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