Key to Success – Be Courteous

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Key to Success
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How many times you have given lift to a stranger ? How you respond to a wrong call which you get it frequently ? Have you ever guided someone to a place in a very polite way? These are the common situations where we can test our courteousness.

There is a story.. Once an old man was slowly walking in the street. A very young and energetic guy accosted him and asked how much time it will take to reach the railway station. The old man replied politely that he doesn’t know. The young guy crossed few steps and the old man called him again. Now, the old man replied that it will take 10 minutes to reach railway station. The young guy asked him why he didn’t tell it when he asked for first time . The old man said that he doesn’t know in what speed he can walk. Now he know it and hence he gave an answer. That’s experience.

Every person we meet in this world has some impact in our life. Learn to be polite .. There will be difficult situation which will trigger your anger, keep in mind that whenever you get angry, you are losing something . Calm yourself.. Respond properly.. It will give a very nice impression to the people around you .. Always be helpful. Don’t hesitate to help others.

Always keep a smiling face.. Make a happiest surrounding around you.. If your environment is happy , you will also be happy.. Make others laugh. If one person laughs because of you, then you have achieved the goal for the day. Be courteous to everyone and lead your life in a happy way!


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