Write your history!

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Key to Success
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Depicting your history is not about collecting the list of incidents happened in your life and publishing it in the age of 90.. May be it will be useful for other who are going to follow you.. But i am talking about a writing which is going to have a very big impact in your character.

When i say history, its not about years.. It is one day.. Everyday night have the habit of writing about the important incidents that happened on that day. Very importantly, write about the things that you learnt new on that day. If you have done any mistakes quote it and try to give the solution.

Some people have the habit of writing diary. But, How many of them really read it of their own. There is no point if you just scribble anything and show it to your children or grand children after so many years . First it must by useful to you , then it will be definitely useful for others. Read your notes at least once in a month..

For example, today you would have faced a serious problem . Some how you would have managed it. Just you write it down. When similar situation arises at any time, for sure you will remember how to solve the problem and you wont mess it up. Creating new pages will change all your negative character to a positive energy.



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