First half is the best half

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Key to Success
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Today, i am going to talk about the most easiest thing that we can do for our own goodness. But, we have created a misconception that its a difficult task.. The topic that i gonna talk about is “Battle with the bed”.. Could you recognise what i am talking about?

yeah, its about getting early in the morning. The first half an hour in the morning the best time of that day. Thats why i quoted the topic as ‘First half is the best half’. First of all, we should know the reason why i am insisting you to get up earlier. Getting up earlier stabilises the mind and the body. The first half an hour will have a very big impact in your whole day.

In addition to rising with the sun, we need to make use of the time effectively. My suggestions are to read your favourite books, listening melody songs, meditation, yoga or anything that will make you fresh. The greatest gift that we got is , time moves more slowly in morning and we feel too brisk after the cold water bath. Continuously performing it for a month will definitely show a difference in your life.


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