Started to perpetuate my writing.. This time its about a wifi issue.. Said good bye to linux mint 12 and installed new and cool linux mint 13 (Maya). Doesn’t feel any difference in look. Worked fine.. But, got an issue. Wireless doesnt work.

Spent about an hour to fix the issue. At last, it ended mirthfully. Analyzed output of

ipconfig -a



etc .. etc.. but i didnt arrive to a solution. When i right clicked on network manager it showed the error message “firmware missing” and “device not ready”. Googled the error. Still, i was not able to make it.

Thought i should install firmware.. Installed broadcom firmware from software manager. Even then, i was fooled. Just checked whether drivers were correctly installed. Got the solution..

Go to Additional drivers from Menu -> Administration.. If you have some drivers to be installed it will be populated. Click on Activate to install the driver. Restart your computer. Now, its fixed.

Learnt a Lesson – ” Don’t think too much “..

  1. subeesh says:

    Anybody can help me to connect reliance net connect My os is linux mint maya

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