Birth Order and Intelligence

Posted: September 16, 2012 in General Awareness
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There are four different approaches in the relationship between the birth order and the intelligence..Several experiments have been made and it gave different conclusions.

The person who advocated that the first born child is the most intelligent was Robert Zajonc. He was concerned with the theory of birth order and intelligence. so he did some research, consulted more people chartered many surveys and gave the conclusion. According to him the first born child will be having more intelligence than the only child.. And the child will have a more responsibility and good personality too.

D. F. Polit and T. Falbo have offered alternative explanations to the theory.. According to them the factors such as intelligence, personality and relationship will increase with the increase in the birth order. Hence the child born later will be more intelligent .

Resource Depletion Theory popularly known as RDT gives a ballast to singleton.. They stated that the intelligence level will be very much higher in the case of the only child…they also stated some examples for that. Most of the noble prize winners are the only child to their parent. and most of the well known personalities in the world are the only child…

An American Psychologist gave a contrary explanation about all the above statements. According to him the IQ level of the child will not be related with the birth order but it will be mostly related with the Parent IQ.low-IQ parents have been having relatively larger families in the United States than high-IQ parents, but family environment and genetic heritage may also play roles in both family size and children intelligence.

Now, which one we can accept? Its all our choice!!!!!!


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