Multiplication by 2 Vedic Mathematics

Posted: September 16, 2012 in Mathematics
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When we want to double the numbers we can follow two kind of approaches in it…

For example if we need to multiply 117 * 2

just take the first two digits and multiply it by 2…

before putting it see whether the third digit is less than 5..if not add one with the answer

now its 23. and just multiply unit digit with 2 and write the unit digit of answer..


simillarly 354 * 2

(35 * 2)(4 * 2)
7 0 8

and the second way of doing this is by separating the numbers

lets take the same example…117 is the number..

we can do it as (110 + 7) * 2 . because doubling 110 and 7 is easy and we can add fast..


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