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Posted: January 29, 2013 in Linux

There should be a download manager in linux mint which can replace IDM.. And i say, its UGET.. Initially i was trying wget and got to learn some stuffs since its an command line download manager. Uget is the as same as that which has a GUI.. Whenever we use a download manager we will be looking for few things.

1. queuing
2. scheduler
3. category
4. automatic shutdown
5. torrent compatibility

Uget has got all these. Simple and Elegant screens makes easy to perform downloads. lets discuss elaborate

1. Queuing :

For queuing purpose i created a new catagory named “downloads” . When we right click on downloads we get the properties screen where in we can set the number of active downloads. In my case, i set it as 2. Steps are shown below.



2. Scheduler

Another important quality of a download manager is scheduling. Sometimes, automatic scheduling does the job easier. Under settings we have a Scheduler pane in which we can set task based on our interest. once we check “Enable Scheduler” checkbox , all the boxes get green ( which means, download will be done all the time) . if we click those boxes, it turns to which indicating that download wont be happen at those specific timings. Screenshots are given below.



3. Category

Instead of having a long list of downloads , we can have different categories according to the user request. Place the download in those appropriate category. Even for every category there are 4 options (Active, Queueing, Finished, Recycled). “Home Category is the default category”


4. Automatic Shutdown

For power saving purpose, automatic shutdown is the best process . Automatic Shudown is available in “Edit” menu.

Automatic Shutdown


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