Entering new line in single cell and hyperlink creation in open office

Today, its open office. For making a carriage return inside a single cell, we have to use ctrl + enter.

For adding a hyperlink inside a sheet follow this process.

Say we have 2 sheets , sheet 1 which has content and sheet 2 which contains hyperlink content. For pointing sheet 2 from sheet1

Go to insert -> hyperlink

Pop up has 2 options.

1. Hyperlinking external file
2. Hyperlink inside excel

Select : target in document
Select : sheets
Select the sheet 2
Now click apply

Give hyperlink name and text and process as over.

Now, the hyperlink is pointing to sheet 2.not to the exact location in sheet 2. If it needs to be specific we can make target in document as sheet2!A12

Now,hyperlink Will point to A12 in sheet 2.