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Posted: July 12, 2014 in Rubik
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If your target is JUST to learn how to solve rubik cube, then the whole journey is going to be very simple . There are plenty of tutotials out there , which can help you to solve Rubik . BUT, if you are planning to be a speed cuber who can solve rubik in mere seconds then, this post is dedicated for you . I have categorized things into steps . Hope it would be helpful .

Step 1 : First Challenge is to get a good Rubik Cube :

I am not sure if am using the world’s best rubik cube, but i can assure you that you can really solve faster when you use Moyu Weilong

Step 2 : Getting Started – Pick a Method to solve

I solve rubik with Fridrich method (CFOP) . I never tried any other rubik Method , because i feel this method works really well for me . I would recommend watching this you tube tutorial which solves rubik in beginner method .

At the end of this video , you should be knowing how to solve a rubik cube . And you will be wondering How fast can i do this. Move on to Step 3 .

Step 3 : Dont get Greedy – Practice hard

Beginner method is just a heads up for the career . There are plenty of stuff out there to learn . My first rubik solve took 8 minutes . And gradually learning the algos took me down to 40 seconds . Hence , practice the beginner method well and understand the pieces, movements, orientations, layers and turns .

Step 4 : Algos – Most important part

Usally, people start learning algos in the way we do CFOP – Learning the Cross , then F2L Algorithms , then OLL algorithms and at last PLL algorithms . Even i learn the same way . But , i think following method works really well (Yes, i have tried by teaching my friends )

1. There are 21 PLL algorithms. Learning 1 a day you can avoid last 2 forumulas to complete the last layer of the cube.

2. Cross in the bottom . Practice solving cross in the bottom layer with good tricks . Make use of the inspection time and track the pieces quickly to solve cube in seconds .

3. Intuitive F2L. Trust Me. instead of putting lot of efforts in learning 40 odd F2L formulas , just try spending time on intuitive F2L. Once you understand and practise it for some time , F2L solve is damn easy .

4. OLLs – oh god . 60 odd formulas . Cut it down into groups . First learn essestial 8 algos (all edges oriented correctly ) which will cut you few RUR’UR2R’. Then try to know how you can avoid Dotted OLLs , by intelligently inserting the last F2L pair. And the rest, learning 1 a day .

Step 5 : Finger Tricks – The magic

Each layer turn just needs a flick with an appropriate finger . Learn how you can utilize the finger tricks and practise it .

Step 6 : Solve , Solve , Solve

Keep practicing the algorithms . One day you will be holding the title of “FASTEST RUBIK CUBE SOLVER IN THE WORLD”


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