Old Pochmann Blindfold Tutorial (Memorization)

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Rubik
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It was a dream for me to learn 3 x 3 blindfold. Since , i was not good in memory skills , i thought it would never happen. But , after watching this video, everything changed and i learnt blindfold in a day .

Just in case, if you dont get a good clarity after seeing Zane C’s Video , i would really recomment to watch Badmephisto video given below

Since there are plently of methodologies covered in the video , i would like to stress more on the memorization part. Initially, the memorization part will take more time than to solve the pieces .

There are many ways through which you can memorize the piece orientation. People who are good in memory , use visual memory to memorize the pieces. But, visual memory wont last for a long time. And , it really needs good memory to remember all piece orientations.

Some People use objects to remember each piece. Even for this, we need a good memory because there will be around 15 to 20 object we need to remember with a connection.

Especially for the people like me, the third method is so suitable . We will label each piece with a Letter. Starting from UB as A we will move anti clockwise . In this case , you need not remember all the labels initially,

UB – A
UL – B
UF – C
UR – D

FU – E
FL – F
FD – G
FR – H

RU – I
RF – J
RD – K
RB – L

BU – M
BR – N
BD – O
BL – P

LU – Q
LB – R
LD – S
LF – T

UF – U
UL – V
UB – W
UR – Y (Not X , because we can form more words in Y than X )

For the initial solves, its fine to remember only 6 pieces

UB – A
FU – E
RU – I
BU – M
LU – Q
UF – U

From these pieces, we can appropriately move in anti clockwise direction and increase the alphabet .

Similarly, we can do it for Corners :


Hence, we just need to remember a letter , rather than remembering the position.

And also, once you form sequence of letters , we can form words with it. For Ex:

C D L M T S W can be randomly made as

CoDe LiMiT SoftWare (am a CS Engg :P)

Hence, we can simply say :

2 sentences = a blind fold solve.

All we need is to move one piece at a time and create words with the corresponding notation.


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