Find your Free time !!!!

Posted: October 18, 2014 in General Awareness
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 “Are we really utilizing our time EFFICIENTLY ?”

Yesterday i watched “the last lecture” video by Mr. Randy Pausch that triggered few things in my mind. Do we really know , what we will be doing tomorrow 5.30 . Atleast, do we plan for that. For majority of us, answer is no. Atleast, for me !!!

After watching the video, i thought of finding a way through which i could find the golden time that am wasting through outt my life. Simple google search on apps lead me to 2 important android apps.

1. Routinely –

2. Schedule Planner –

For ios users we have daily routines app which does the same stuff.

Firstly, the app routinely helps us to decide on what are all the things that we really need to do on daily basis . Hence, we can come up with our own list and check it up after completing it on day to day basis.

Second one is quiet interesting. Schedule Planner app helps us to list our stuff by dividing into categories. There are two tabs. Planned and Actual. You can plan your work, and you can move it to actual after performing it. In the pro version, we can edit our categories. Using this app for 1 week, we can easily find out on how we are wasting our time. and how we can manage it on useful stuff.

I could really see some changes in my learning process. You can try and share your comments as well.


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