Learning Year – 2014 !!!!

Started of the year with lot of resolutions ….. 



Speed Cubing


In Feb, i entered into a new world called speedcubing. Never heard it before. Never solved a rubik cube before. Feb 18, 2014 was a start. Initially, i just started off with “how to solve rubik cube” video in you tube. When i started practicing it , things started to be serious and fun as well.
badmephisto.com- took me from 8 minutes to 28 seconds. Thanks and salute to badmephisto.


How to Solve Rubik’s Cube Blindfolded



 Everytime, when i see a blindfolded solve in internet , it always looked like a magic. I thought , i would never make it. But, this link made me understand that i was wrong. Memos, formulas and other stuff .. Ufff.. Nov 18, 2014 i got my first rubik blindfold solve.




One of the interesting medium to learn about softwares and related stuff is coursera. Enrolled in many courses , but didnt finish even one with certificate :P.
however, it was a very good learning experience . R programming was new to me. STarted with the basics of data analytics and also some python stuff.




Everytime when i take javascript , i could not move more than 5 pages in book . Jquery changed that interest. Started watching my favorite programmer – Alex’s video in youtube for jquery and completed till 40/200. It was a wonderful start for basics and was very helpful while programming front end stuffs.


Project Euler Problems



 In early december, moved back to that old black console (c++) and started solving problems on project euler. Initially , the problems were easier and simillar. But, when i moved on things were getting complex and there were lot of Project Euler Problemsthinking and learning involved. Got more ideas on sieves, searching, sorting, dynamics and other stuff. solved 50 problems on it and ranked less than 500 in india out of 8k odd people.


Creating Android App



Is that very difficult to create an android app ? Wanted an alarm and remainder app in my own way. And i designed it with online help.

 Learn German





 Duolingo made it as a routine and learnt it for 30 days . Few words in German got set into my mind .

Chess Cube 


One more addictive website.. chesscube.. Hmmm.. what to say.. Restricted myself to one game a day.. Very interesting to play with unknown persons. But, it eats lot of time. Also, went thro some videos of Akobian (French Defense, Ruy Lopez) just to maintain my cubits in chesscube. and also used chess android app level 4. 4/12 was too low .. but i wanted to play level 4 until i gain good confidence on it.



And at last, blogging.. Couldn’t post much.. Thats gonna be my new year resolution. Will try to share as much as i can . !!!



Happy Learning !!!