Double pawn in Ruy Lopez

Posted: July 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

Learning of the day :

This is the tactics that I learnt today to eliminate double pawn position while playing as black against Spanish Opening( screenshot given below)

We need to play the move Nge7(knight e7) after white plays bishop b5.

If white decides to capture the knight ,we can win back using the other knight. But , what if white doesnt trade and decides to castle ? By moving knight to e7 we blocked our dark square Bishop and king couldn’t castle.

We can play the move a6 which will threaten white bishop to move back. Now bishop moves back to A4. black plays b5 to put more pressure. White bishop settles in the square B3

As the threat against the knight is eliminated, we can move Knight g6. However , black needs to keep in mind that white is eying on the f7 pawn.

Now black can think about moving his dark square bishop and castle on kings side. And then place light squared bishop to b7.

Played couple of games today with this position and felt comfortable than having double pawn .

Good luck !!!


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