Good bye wake me up

Are you the kind of person who keeps almost 10 to 15 alarms in your phone just to get up in the right time?

Are you the person to snooz alarm 5 to 10 times before getting up?

Forget it. . Thinks have changed.

Have you ever heard this quote “if you wanna get up in first alarm, just keep the alarm  clock away from your bed”

Now an android app made it real. From now there is no wake up alarm for us . Only we have a

You can keep the phone near the bed , but once the alarm triggers it can be switched off only if you walk ten steps with your phone. Otherwise it ll be keep ringing.

I personally tried it today and i got up in the first ring . Thank you walk me up team for a great innovation.

Find your Free time !!!!

 “Are we really utilizing our time EFFICIENTLY ?”

Yesterday i watched “the last lecture” video by Mr. Randy Pausch that triggered few things in my mind. Do we really know , what we will be doing tomorrow 5.30 . Atleast, do we plan for that. For majority of us, answer is no. Atleast, for me !!!

After watching the video, i thought of finding a way through which i could find the golden time that am wasting through outt my life. Simple google search on apps lead me to 2 important android apps.

1. Routinely –

2. Schedule Planner –

For ios users we have daily routines app which does the same stuff.

Firstly, the app routinely helps us to decide on what are all the things that we really need to do on daily basis . Hence, we can come up with our own list and check it up after completing it on day to day basis.

Second one is quiet interesting. Schedule Planner app helps us to list our stuff by dividing into categories. There are two tabs. Planned and Actual. You can plan your work, and you can move it to actual after performing it. In the pro version, we can edit our categories. Using this app for 1 week, we can easily find out on how we are wasting our time. and how we can manage it on useful stuff.

I could really see some changes in my learning process. You can try and share your comments as well.

Don’t play with CVS

I work in a place where we use Concurrent Version System (we still use them :P) . We had our code base with us. We wanted to submit the entire code structure to CVS. It almost had 15 – 20 directories and each containing number of files in it. Instead of checking in the code folder by folder , we tried hitting it in a single shot.

It was an import command that i googled up. I tested in local .. It worked fine.. Then i issued the following command

    cvs import -m "message" code_dir rtag vtag

It got imported. We were happy with it.. But when we tried checking out the code, we found an interesting thing.. Code got checked in the wrong path. Apparently , CVS Import statement doesnt need a commit. It has an auto commit. We ended up in a mess.

Now, we wanted to delete the codes that we have checked in. But, The great CVS system wont allow the code directory to be deleted using a command. Atlast , we ended up with the following command which will erase all the files ( but the folders will remain as such ).

    cvs remove -Rf code_dir
    cvs commit

The directory skeleton remained till the end and we had to convince our admin regarding the trouble that we have created.

Summary : Analyse the negatives parts of the command before issuing it and be careful while using those systems where we don’t have admin rights.

Step by Step procedure to configure tomcat in eclipse

Here i gonna explain about the steps through which tomcat server is configured in eclipse. I assume that you have downloaded Tomcat and eclipse in your system. If not, please visit the below link and get it. One good thing about Eclipse and tomcat is that there are no such installation procedures. Just download the files, extract and put it in a folder (say java).

Eclipse – Click Here

Tomcat – Click Here

Now follow the installation steps:

1. Lets open eclipse IDE. It will look like this.
Eclipse IDE

2. People who were not having server tab by default , follow step 2 and step 3 . If by default, Servers tab is not there, we need to pull it from windows->Show View->other

Add Server Tab

3. Type “Servers” . you will get servers menu and click okay.

Add Server Tab

4. Once you click okay, Servers tab will get added at the bottom

Add Server Tab

5. Now, we need to add a tomcat server. For that , right click on the server menu and select New -> Server.

Adding new Server

6. By clicking on new servers you will get list of servers as shown below

Adding new Server

7. Based on your tomcat version download , select your version. i have tomcat 6.0.32 and hence i am choosing Tomcat 6.0.

Adding new Server

8. Once you click next you will get a screen where in you need enter the location of tomcat

Adding new Server

9. Here we are locating the path

Adding new Server

10. The next thing that we need to change is JRE. By default its workbench JRE. if you have installed any JRE you can choose that from drop down

Adding new Server

11. Thats it click finish and you can see an entry in package explorer and Servers tab

Adding new Server

12. Config is done. Lets start the server. For that we need to right click on the tomcat server in servers tab and select start

Adding new Server

13. Once the tomcat server starts we will get a message like this

Adding new Server

14. Thats it .. We are done.. just check it through web by giving the url localhost:8080. you need to get this page

Adding new Server

But sometimes, we wont be getting the tomcat up and running. People who face this issue continue with the follow steps. You may get like

Adding new Server

15. Right click on the tomcat server in server menu and click properties

Adding new Server

16. By default workspace location will be “Workspace Metadata”.

Adding new Server

17. We need to change that by clicking on switch location

Adding new Server

18. Now , we have go a new entry in package explorer column

Adding new Server

19. Double click on the Tomcat Server to load its configs

Adding new Server

20. Change the Radio button from “Use Workspace metadata” to “use tomcat installation”.

Adding new Server

21 . Dont forget to restart the server. you can right click on servers and go to properties -> restart

Adding new Server

22. Now, check with url http://localhost:8080. you will get this page. Its done

Adding new Server

Facts about Fasting

Hey guys,

I am sharing a few things about FASTING that most of the people consider to be otiose. A myth always makes a stance that fasting will bring down the health. But it is not the truth. Most devout Indian take fasting regularly or during special occasions like festivals In Sanskrit we call as upavaasa. Upa means “near” and vaasa means “to stay”. That is attaining mental proximity with god. We spend lot of energy in cooking, eating and digesting food. Certain types of food makes our body dull and agitated. Hence on certain days man saves his energy by eating less food.

Also every system needs a break and an overhaul to work at its best. Rest and a change of diet during fasting is very good for the digestive system and the entire body. Fasting helps in making control over the senses and guides our mind to be in peace. Fasting should not make us weak, irritable or create an urge to indulge later. This happens when there is no noble goal behind fasting.Bhagavath Gita urges us to eat properly- “neither too less nor too much”. In sanskrit “yuktha-aahaara” a simple, pure and healthy food even when no fasting. A very famous quote in markandeya puranam


The meaning for above sloka is : A child, an old man or a person unable to fast can take something to eat in the evening or once in the day (earliest in the afternoon not in the morning), whether it be milk, fruit or water, but should properly follow the Ekadasi fast. One should not give up fasting on Ekadasi.

Now people are changed a lot..Our environment changed..we are getting affected by diseases frequently..Life span is decreasing..So health is a prime factor. Those who are weak and take only less food please avoid fasting. But if you are hale and healthy and much devoted to god go for it in a regular interval..Ekadasi is the best day for fasting..or else you choose accordingly..You can take water, milk, and fruit once in a day..Abstaining everything for a whole day is a pretty difficult thing..I am saying in my experience, it is possible to live a full day devoted to god without talking anything except water. But you need a practice. People you have acidity and other health related problems don’t go for it..Forget this blog.If you have any comments do post..

A gist about Coffee

Some people are demented about drinking coffee. They need atleast a sip of coffee at cockcrow. Otherwise they will go amuck.. Oh god that much coffee lovers are there… Everyone knows that coffee is not much good to health. But no one is ready to leave this.. Its because drinking coffee became a habituation to everyone…An interesting fact is that 15 % of an Americans stopped drinking coffee..

Despite the fact is that coffee is good for health when we take correct amount..A substance which could lift your mood and relieve headaches…A drug that could lower your risk of getting cavities…It could lower your risk of Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, as well as colon cancer..

Some studies have shown that coffee may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. After analyzing data on 120,000 people over an 18-year period (1), researchers at Harvard have concluded that drinking 1 to 3 cups of caffeinated coffee each day can reduce diabetes risk by several percentage points, compared with not drinking coffee at all.

Even more significant, is the fact that in this study, having 6 cups or more per day slashed men’s risk by 54% and women’s risk by 30% over those who avoided coffee. This study is the latest of hundreds of studies which suggest that coffee may be something of a health food – especially in higher amounts.

Over the past 20 years, over 19,000 studies have been conducted to examine the impact of coffee on one’s health. Overall, the results are good news for the 110 million Americans who routinely enjoy this traditional morning ritual.

Enjoy drinking coffee..but dont get addicted!!!!!!

Birth Order and Intelligence

There are four different approaches in the relationship between the birth order and the intelligence..Several experiments have been made and it gave different conclusions.

The person who advocated that the first born child is the most intelligent was Robert Zajonc. He was concerned with the theory of birth order and intelligence. so he did some research, consulted more people chartered many surveys and gave the conclusion. According to him the first born child will be having more intelligence than the only child.. And the child will have a more responsibility and good personality too.

D. F. Polit and T. Falbo have offered alternative explanations to the theory.. According to them the factors such as intelligence, personality and relationship will increase with the increase in the birth order. Hence the child born later will be more intelligent .

Resource Depletion Theory popularly known as RDT gives a ballast to singleton.. They stated that the intelligence level will be very much higher in the case of the only child…they also stated some examples for that. Most of the noble prize winners are the only child to their parent. and most of the well known personalities in the world are the only child…

An American Psychologist gave a contrary explanation about all the above statements. According to him the IQ level of the child will not be related with the birth order but it will be mostly related with the Parent IQ.low-IQ parents have been having relatively larger families in the United States than high-IQ parents, but family environment and genetic heritage may also play roles in both family size and children intelligence.

Now, which one we can accept? Its all our choice!!!!!!