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Good bye wake me up

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Health
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Are you the kind of person who keeps almost 10 to 15 alarms in your phone just to get up in the right time?

Are you the person to snooz alarm 5 to 10 times before getting up?

Forget it. . Thinks have changed.

Have you ever heard this quote “if you wanna get up in first alarm, just keep the alarm  clock away from your bed”

Now an android app made it real. From now there is no wake up alarm for us . Only we have a

You can keep the phone near the bed , but once the alarm triggers it can be switched off only if you walk ten steps with your phone. Otherwise it ll be keep ringing.

I personally tried it today and i got up in the first ring . Thank you walk me up team for a great innovation.


Facts about Fasting

Posted: September 16, 2012 in Health
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Hey guys,

I am sharing a few things about FASTING that most of the people consider to be otiose. A myth always makes a stance that fasting will bring down the health. But it is not the truth. Most devout Indian take fasting regularly or during special occasions like festivals In Sanskrit we call as upavaasa. Upa means “near” and vaasa means “to stay”. That is attaining mental proximity with god. We spend lot of energy in cooking, eating and digesting food. Certain types of food makes our body dull and agitated. Hence on certain days man saves his energy by eating less food.

Also every system needs a break and an overhaul to work at its best. Rest and a change of diet during fasting is very good for the digestive system and the entire body. Fasting helps in making control over the senses and guides our mind to be in peace. Fasting should not make us weak, irritable or create an urge to indulge later. This happens when there is no noble goal behind fasting.Bhagavath Gita urges us to eat properly- “neither too less nor too much”. In sanskrit “yuktha-aahaara” a simple, pure and healthy food even when no fasting. A very famous quote in markandeya puranam


The meaning for above sloka is : A child, an old man or a person unable to fast can take something to eat in the evening or once in the day (earliest in the afternoon not in the morning), whether it be milk, fruit or water, but should properly follow the Ekadasi fast. One should not give up fasting on Ekadasi.

Now people are changed a lot..Our environment changed..we are getting affected by diseases frequently..Life span is decreasing..So health is a prime factor. Those who are weak and take only less food please avoid fasting. But if you are hale and healthy and much devoted to god go for it in a regular interval..Ekadasi is the best day for fasting..or else you choose accordingly..You can take water, milk, and fruit once in a day..Abstaining everything for a whole day is a pretty difficult thing..I am saying in my experience, it is possible to live a full day devoted to god without talking anything except water. But you need a practice. People you have acidity and other health related problems don’t go for it..Forget this blog.If you have any comments do post..

We are well aware of plenty of foods which are rich in nutrients. Among those, foods which have the strength of healing our body is present only in Lilliputian scale. Now, we are going to discuss about those foods which ameliorates our strength to fight against cancer, heart attacks and Cholesterol levels.

1. Kiwis : Kiwis are rich in Vitamin C and contains potassium in it. Kiwis have more fiber in it when compared to apple and banana. It fights against cancer causing agents and helps to reduce the cholesterol level in our body. Kiwis contains enzymes which will evaporate when exposed to air. Its better to eat when it is cut.

2. Cherries : Cherries has antioxidants and vitamins in it. It is also an excellent source of important fiber. But cherries are rich in natural sugars and available in very few localities.

3. Beans : Beans contains vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Beans helps to maintain blood sugar levels and insulin production. Beans serve a high level of anti oxidants to our body . It is recommended that we take beans at least twice in a week.

4. Spinach : Spinach is considered to be the king of foods. If you consume spinach in a routine basis you can stay away from most of the diseases. Spinach is rich in Vitamin A , Vitamin C and it contains folic acid. It fight against cancer, heart diseases and eye diseases. It is recommended to take 400 grams of spinach once in a week.

5. Carrot : We should aim to take one carrot a day since it is helps for proper functioning of eyes and ears. It has high level of antioxidants and stimulates the immune system. Carrots are better to eat as in raw state or lightly cooked state.

Sleeping is the best practise to refresh your mind and body. Some people say, “When i lie in bed, immediately i ll go to sleep”… if you are that kind of person.. definitely you are blessed one… because for this only so many people around the world taking tablets and still struggle to make it out.. Depending on our age the time of sleep will differ.

Infants should sleep at least 16 hours a day
Teenagers must sleep at least 9 hours a day
Adults must sleep at least 7-8 hours a day

Most of us losing our health unknowingly because of inconsistent sleep. The sound sleep can be taken only in our middle age. Once you cross 50, you wont get a sound sleep. One more important factor is the timings.. Daily sleep at a same time.. Most preferable time is 10 pm to 6 am.. Because we dont have external disturbances at that timings.

Too much of sleeping is also bad to health.. Maintain a moderate sleep in regular intervals. Sleeping disorders can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart attacks and many more diseases.. There are three kind of disorders in sleeping

lack of sleep – insomnia
excess sleep – obstructive sleep apnea
disturbed sleep – narcolepsy

if you have any one of above three, please consult a doctor and try to resolve it as soon as possible..

A chronic argument always exist between tea and coffee. Which one will ameliorate your health? the answer is tea. Tea contains less caffeine content than coffee. The advantages of tea over coffee are umpteen. Tea contains antioxidants which protects our body from pollution and ravages of aging. An eight-ounce cup of coffee contains 135 mg of caffeine where as tea contains only 40 mg. Tea mends the immune system. A research is made on a couple of people who drink 5 tea’s a day and on people who drink 5 coffee’s a day. Those who drunk tea got higher immunity activity in blood.

Drinking tea will fight against cancer. The antioxidant named ‘polyphenol’ is present in tea which fights against the cancer causing agents. Tea is a calorie free beverage. Consuming it for a week will reduce 1 pound of weight in your body. Tea makes our arteries smooth and reduces cholesterol content which avoids stroke and heart attack. More importantly, drinking tea will urge you to a relaxed state. If you feel stressed at a particular situation, just go and have a cup of tea. You will come out of it.

Best way to shed extra kilos without making any change in diet is by drinking tea. It has been proved by Kobe University, Japan. Their research on consumption of tea resulted that tea consumers are not easily getting affected by type 2 diabetes. Tea is available in many flavours. The research on green tea proves it to be better than black tea. Black tea makes some harmful effects on blood vessels. Too much of anything is not for good. Excess tea consumption will increase urination by 400%. Taking 2 or 3 tea a day will give us a good health benefits and helps us to stay away from the problems.

Most of us have the habit of watching television, reading books etc. while we eat.. Also we get scolding from elders for slow eating.. But the fact is, slow eating will keep you healthy.. University of Rhode Island made a research on this.. They arrived the following conclusions..

1. Eating faster will increase the food consumption

2. Men eat faster than women

3. Fatter people eat faster than slimmer.

4. Refined grains are more consumed than the whole grains.

5. Fast eaters consumed 3.1 ounces of food , where as slow eaters ate only 2 ounces.

The benefit we gain if we eat food slowly.

1. Eating slow will consume only very average calories.

2. You feel very relaxed while eating

3. Digestion power will be high as you chew for a long time

4. You can taster your food

5. While eating we can talk with our friends and can be social

A recent study has proved that eating in a hurry can lead to acquiring diabetes at a later age.According to research, chances of fast eaters developing the illness are high. Eating speedily increases the quantity of sugar in the blood stream instantly. So, people are likely to develop impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) also known as pre-diabetes.

So, eat slowly and be happy forever!

These three steps are only making me to live against cold.. In the past, i was getting frequently affected by cold.. I missed icecreams, cool drinks and all cold items. .. But now, i am taking cold water bath, having all cold items as my body has gained resistivity against cold.. Only because i do these 3 yoga exercise daily.. Today, By reading an article in newspaper i knew the name of these exercises .. Carefully follow these exercises.. Hope this will be very useful for those who are attacked by cold very often..

1. Kapal Bhathi

Close your right nostril using right thumb. Take a short breathe slowly. Exhale the breathe with slight force and the time of exhaling longer than you inhale. Repeat this for 20-25 times.

Now, close your left nostril with left thumb and do it for 20-25 times. As we know, we inhale oxygen and exhale co2. In this action we are exhaling more time than inhaling the breathe.. It purifies our blood. And when we give a forced output the nasal tracks get warmth and kills virus.

2. Dirgha Shwasan

Inhale and exhale deeply through the nose, 10-12 times. Your stomach should expand when inhaling and your stomach should become flat when exhaling. In any situation if you feel tensed, just go to an isolated place and perform 10 cycles.. You will feel relaxed..

3. Anulom-Vilom

Fold the index and the middle finger of your right hand. Use the thumb to close the right nostril and the last two fingers to close the left nostril, whenever required. Close the left nostril and inhale through the right nostril, then close the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril. Next, inhale from where you have exhaled, i.e. the left nostril, close it and exhale from the right nostril. Repeat similarly about 8-10 cycles.

I personally recommend to do these exercise in vajrasana posture.20-25 mins of this exercise per day will keep you fresh and produce resistivity against cold..