First half is the best half

Today, i am going to talk about the most easiest thing that we can do for our own goodness. But, we have created a misconception that its a difficult task.. The topic that i gonna talk about is “Battle with the bed”.. Could you recognise what i am talking about?

yeah, its about getting early in the morning. The first half an hour in the morning the best time of that day. Thats why i quoted the topic as ‘First half is the best half’. First of all, we should know the reason why i am insisting you to get up earlier. Getting up earlier stabilises the mind and the body. The first half an hour will have a very big impact in your whole day.

In addition to rising with the sun, we need to make use of the time effectively. My suggestions are to read your favourite books, listening melody songs, meditation, yoga or anything that will make you fresh. The greatest gift that we got is , time moves more slowly in morning and we feel too brisk after the cold water bath. Continuously performing it for a month will definitely show a difference in your life.

Write your history!

Depicting your history is not about collecting the list of incidents happened in your life and publishing it in the age of 90.. May be it will be useful for other who are going to follow you.. But i am talking about a writing which is going to have a very big impact in your character.

When i say history, its not about years.. It is one day.. Everyday night have the habit of writing about the important incidents that happened on that day. Very importantly, write about the things that you learnt new on that day. If you have done any mistakes quote it and try to give the solution.

Some people have the habit of writing diary. But, How many of them really read it of their own. There is no point if you just scribble anything and show it to your children or grand children after so many years . First it must by useful to you , then it will be definitely useful for others. Read your notes at least once in a month..

For example, today you would have faced a serious problem . Some how you would have managed it. Just you write it down. When similar situation arises at any time, for sure you will remember how to solve the problem and you wont mess it up. Creating new pages will change all your negative character to a positive energy.


When its 3 think about 5!

Are you wondering what i am talking about.. Very simple.. When you tell a ‘lie’ keep in mind that you are burying a ‘truth’. Before getting into the topic, i have a question . Is lying a sin ?

Definitely YES. No matter, what situation is and what impact it makes. Some people say that we can lie if it makes something good for others. Sorry, i will never agree that. Just they are making it right so that others can perform it without any hesitation. Whenever you are telling a lie, just ask a question with you .. Whether this lie is so necessary now?

We lie only for stupid things. A survey revealed a fact that most of the women lie when they speak about their diet. Just make a simple calculation. How many lies you would have spoken. How many lie will you speak if you are in this stage. If you see the final figure, you will wonder. Keep that in mind. We lie, only because we have never tasted the essence of truth.. taste is once.. you will never lie then.

Mahatma Gandhi is one of the best example for this.. Whenever i say him as an example, a question arises. Gandhi didnt speak truth from his birth. He changed in the latter stage. Then how could you point him as an example? For those who ask this question my answer is “Did you do that ? Then you dont have right to give a negative comment about him”. Really, its not easy to live such a dedicated life. Just give a try..

For a week if you can.. Atleast for three days, try to be honest. To everyone.. In every matter .. You should be truthful.. After one weak you will feel ashame of yourself. I guarantee that. Because, till now we didnt taste the truth.. This task is like, offering you a tasty chocolate. You cannot judge its taste without eating it. So, make an attempt.. Nothing you gonna lose if you fail in this attempt, but there are so many things you will gain if you reach it.

Key to Success – Be Courteous

How many times you have given lift to a stranger ? How you respond to a wrong call which you get it frequently ? Have you ever guided someone to a place in a very polite way? These are the common situations where we can test our courteousness.

There is a story.. Once an old man was slowly walking in the street. A very young and energetic guy accosted him and asked how much time it will take to reach the railway station. The old man replied politely that he doesn’t know. The young guy crossed few steps and the old man called him again. Now, the old man replied that it will take 10 minutes to reach railway station. The young guy asked him why he didn’t tell it when he asked for first time . The old man said that he doesn’t know in what speed he can walk. Now he know it and hence he gave an answer. That’s experience.

Every person we meet in this world has some impact in our life. Learn to be polite .. There will be difficult situation which will trigger your anger, keep in mind that whenever you get angry, you are losing something . Calm yourself.. Respond properly.. It will give a very nice impression to the people around you .. Always be helpful. Don’t hesitate to help others.

Always keep a smiling face.. Make a happiest surrounding around you.. If your environment is happy , you will also be happy.. Make others laugh. If one person laughs because of you, then you have achieved the goal for the day. Be courteous to everyone and lead your life in a happy way!

Key to Success – Discover your calling

If you really believe that you have entered this world for a specific purpose, you can continue reading this post. The society has been ravaged such that we are not having time to spend with our loved once, we dont mingle with new persons in and around us , we will never attempt to learn new things in life. But, we have enormous time to work with machines and speak in cell phones. We have lost the touch with humanity.

Great personalities always turned their life to be the best. You know how? By discovering their calling. To lead a meaningful life, to put your whole efforts and values in your work and to simply enjoy the journey of life first we need to discover our calling. As i said earlier, we are here for a unique purpose. Find out what it is.

Discovering your calling is bringing more of yourself into your work and focus on things to you do best. Ask questions to your heart. Are your really happy with the work that you are doing? Are you using all your talents and values in your work.. Does your life satisfy the purpose you came to this world? If you get a negative answer, work on it. Find out what you need to do.

At last, the golden worlds of Mahatma, “Be the change that you wish to see most in your world”. Follow it, you have a meaningful life ahead!