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Sanskrit Text: “Arjuna uvacha : senayor ubhayor madhye ratham sthapaya me acchutha”

Meaning: Arjuna requests Lord Krishna to drive his chariot into center of the two armies

Senayo: – Of the armies  – referring to the armies of Pandavas and Kauravas
Ubhayo – of both
Madhye – in the middle
Ratham – chariot
Sthapaya – stop
Me – My
Acchutha – the infallible

With no intention of fighting against his own kins, Arjuna requests his Sarathi to take him into the center of two armies. But, the question here is why he wants to move into the center of the army?

May be he wants to be a spectator and see what is going on against Pandavas or he is so curious to see the kins and relatives who turned against them.

In this world, we come across the same situation many times, when we have to make a decision and we are so confused on which side we should fall. Only way we can get clarity on situation is by standing in the middle and weighing with the pros and cons of the situation. May be thats what Arjuna is trying to do.


I believe Bhagavad Gita is one of the best text where we can enjoy the essence of Story, Situation, Interpretation, Divinity and knowledge for life.

When we re-iterate the verses in our mind, every time a new interpretation for the verse pops up. The same happened today and hence i am writing this.

I am not writing something new. I heard these from different sources and all i am doing it to wrap it into a single text. Here you go.

Chapter -1 , First sloka –

The verse explains about the conversation between Dhritarashtra and Sanjaya where Dhritarashtra is asking about the current situation prevailing in the battle field.

  1. The first word describing about the Battle field – kurukshetra hints us the result. Dharma Kshetre – The land of righteousness. Author picked the right word in the situation, which clearly insights the victory of Pandavas over Kauravas. Author could have used any adjective about bravery , beauty or situation about the battle field , however, Righteousness was the right pick.
  2. Why does the author picks Dhritarashtra to be the first person to speak in bhagavad gita ? May be, those who are weak in mind and having evil thoughts will have very less things to be spoken. And so, the author picked him to be the first.
  3.  Evenhough Dhritarashtra is aware about the present scenario, his weak minded intuition triggers him to ask about the events happening in Kurukshetra. When two powerful teams are in battle, there will always be a win and lose. His low confidence about his team’s status triggers him to ask , “what they are doing in the battle field” – whole intention behind the statement was to know – “who is winning the war”.
  4.  He could have mentioned the team names to be Kauravas and Pandavas . But, he utters “My sons and Pandu’s sons ” which clearly establishes the difference he had in his mind for pandu and his team. Eventhough Pandu is his own brother
  5. And the whole verse not only explains about the battle field of Kurukshetra, it signifies about our own mind , where there is always a fight between good and an evil. We need to be aware that we may have less number of good qualities in our mind, we should never allow them to be taken over by evil .


     After all life is nothing but the war between a good and an evil.