Converting to NTFS

Your hard drive must be formatted with the file system such as FAT, FAT 32, NTFS so that windows can be installed on it. NTFS is recommended for windows XP because of its functionality. If you have upgraded from Windows 98 or Windows ME you will not be using NTFS. Here is the way to convert your file system to NTFS.

Note: Windows xp has its own convert tool and hence there is no need of any other software. There is no possibility of losing your data .

How to convert:

1. Hit Start Click Run
2. type commmand
3. At the command propt type the following: convert c:/fs:ntfs and press enter
4. here c is the drive which you want to convert as NTFS
5. After some time you will get a message that your conversion will take place once the system gets restarted.
6. Having restarted, the Check Disk Utility will run, conversion will be done automatically and your system will be restarted twice more

Benifits of NTFS

In the NTFS system you can take an advantage of new options such as maintaining the level of access for user accounts. For example there are certain files and folders that you want some users to access but not others. You can perform by following steps.

1. Right Click on the file or folder
2. Choose properties
3. Select Security Tab
4. There will be two columns with user names and read, write, modify, Full control options. Select the check box appropriately.

Another feature is NTFS compression. It’s quick and seamless as your file or folder is decompressed automatically when you access it.