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The firefox update can be downloaded as *.tar.gz from the official website.

We can directly move to the downloaded directory and untar it . It will give us a folder named firefox .Inside that , we will be having an executable named firefox. Once you trigger the executable , the new version of firefox will launch.

But, we have a problem here. The existing version still exists in home folder as .firefox . And if you take an attempt by clicking on the firefox icon, it will launch the older version of your firefox.

We need to find out the directory where the firefox is installed. In my case, it was in /usr/lib . Sometimes, it may get installed in /opt or /etc. we need to replace the /usr/lib/firefox directory with our downloaded latest firefox.

cd /usr/lib
sudo cp -r /home/user/download/firefox .

Enter the password to proceed with the action.

After the copy, when you click on the firefox icon , new version of the firefox will open.


Visit the following link

Select appropriate OS and download version as tar.gz

Click download button .

Open the terminal and move to your download location . In my system the default path for downloads is /home/user/Downloads

cd /home/user/Downloads/

you can see your downloaded flash archive in the name of “install_flash_player_[VERSION]_[OS NAME].tar.gz

Extract the file by following command

tar -xvzf install_flash_player_11_linux.x86_64.tar.gz

now you can see 1 new file and 1 new folder extracted from the archive.

Move the file to your mozilla plugin directory

mv /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/.

and move the folder inside /usr directory.

cp -r usr/* /usr

Thats it .. Restart firefox. To check your current version on adobe flash player plugin visit the following link.

Mozilla Firefox update

Posted: July 15, 2013 in Linux
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I never thought updating firefox browser is going to be this much easy . Always i tend to visit mozilla website and look for the new version . Download it and will google to find the steps for installation in linux.

But there is a very simple way of doing this . There is a tab named “About Firefox” under the menu Help . Just open it .. It will automatically update your firefox if needed 😛

Firefox Update

Update Page

Hi friends,

i just wanna share some difficulties that i faced when using browsers in my lap… I have Internet Explorer, mozilla, chrome  installed in my lap..First i used Internet explorer , all we know its a very slow takes some seconds after the click to get opened.. but really the compatibility is good and ie 8 is much faster than the previous one.

Then i moved on to mozilla… i was having mozilla 3.6… and it worked quite well compared to ie.. managing the bookmarks and addons are very easy in mozilla..but i did an update 2 days before…i upgraded to mozilla 4.0 …its the big mistake i did..u know mozilla 4.0 doesnt support idm and few other add ons..i strucked a lot for downloading files from net…hey guys be aware while storing your passwords..for my lazyness i stored each n every password for the last someone hacked my gmail account..since my password was strong i recovered it back…so dont store passwords..

google chrome! relatively fast when compared to principle advantage is we can do the search easier as the default search engine is google. the download manager in google chrome is much faster when compared to mozilla and ie..But it too has a serious bug.. one is we cant close the window when download is going on … and if we are downloading a 100mb file and disconnectivity occurs when 22 mb is downloaded. . chrome ll show it as “file completed”…u cant resume the download.. u have to do from beginning..Hence dont download bigger files in google chrome.

Mozilla 3.6 worked better for me than any other browsers…if u have any opinion about this pls do comment!