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One of the best rubik Timer with lot of inbuilt options. I took an attempt of using Prisma Puzzle Timer in Ubuntu 14.04.

We can download the jar from this website
Prisma Puzzle Timer

After downloading we can run the timer from terminal using the following command

Move to the downloaded jar file location

cd /home/user/Downloads

and run the jar file by

java -jar PrismaPuzzleTimer0.6.jar

which will invoke the timer .

But everytime , we need to type this command in the terminal to invoke it .

Instead we can create a laucher file which will invoke this timer. For that we need a simple software .


We can download the software using the command

sudo apt-get install alacarte

Once downloaded invoke alacarte from the terminal by typing its name


and click on new item button to create a new launcher.

In the command type java -jar PathToTheJarFile

in my case its java -jar /home/user/Software/PrismaPuzzleTimer.jar

Save and close . With the given Name (in my case its “RubikTimer”) it will be added to the main menu.

You can search for the work RubikTimer in the menu search tab and launch the software by clicking on the file .

Please refer to the images below .

Installing Alacarte

Setting Up The Launcher Icon

Searching for the Launcer

Prisma Puzzle Timer


If your target is JUST to learn how to solve rubik cube, then the whole journey is going to be very simple . There are plenty of tutotials out there , which can help you to solve Rubik . BUT, if you are planning to be a speed cuber who can solve rubik in mere seconds then, this post is dedicated for you . I have categorized things into steps . Hope it would be helpful .

Step 1 : First Challenge is to get a good Rubik Cube :

I am not sure if am using the world’s best rubik cube, but i can assure you that you can really solve faster when you use Moyu Weilong

Step 2 : Getting Started – Pick a Method to solve

I solve rubik with Fridrich method (CFOP) . I never tried any other rubik Method , because i feel this method works really well for me . I would recommend watching this you tube tutorial which solves rubik in beginner method .

At the end of this video , you should be knowing how to solve a rubik cube . And you will be wondering How fast can i do this. Move on to Step 3 .

Step 3 : Dont get Greedy – Practice hard

Beginner method is just a heads up for the career . There are plenty of stuff out there to learn . My first rubik solve took 8 minutes . And gradually learning the algos took me down to 40 seconds . Hence , practice the beginner method well and understand the pieces, movements, orientations, layers and turns .

Step 4 : Algos – Most important part

Usally, people start learning algos in the way we do CFOP – Learning the Cross , then F2L Algorithms , then OLL algorithms and at last PLL algorithms . Even i learn the same way . But , i think following method works really well (Yes, i have tried by teaching my friends )

1. There are 21 PLL algorithms. Learning 1 a day you can avoid last 2 forumulas to complete the last layer of the cube.

2. Cross in the bottom . Practice solving cross in the bottom layer with good tricks . Make use of the inspection time and track the pieces quickly to solve cube in seconds .

3. Intuitive F2L. Trust Me. instead of putting lot of efforts in learning 40 odd F2L formulas , just try spending time on intuitive F2L. Once you understand and practise it for some time , F2L solve is damn easy .

4. OLLs – oh god . 60 odd formulas . Cut it down into groups . First learn essestial 8 algos (all edges oriented correctly ) which will cut you few RUR’UR2R’. Then try to know how you can avoid Dotted OLLs , by intelligently inserting the last F2L pair. And the rest, learning 1 a day .

Step 5 : Finger Tricks – The magic

Each layer turn just needs a flick with an appropriate finger . Learn how you can utilize the finger tricks and practise it .

Step 6 : Solve , Solve , Solve

Keep practicing the algorithms . One day you will be holding the title of “FASTEST RUBIK CUBE SOLVER IN THE WORLD”