how to enable status bar in notepad

Status bar option in notepad will be disabled when you have selected wordwrap option. That too when we are using notepad as a programming language editor status bar plays a big role to find out the error by corresponding line number.. In this case follow these steps

Step 1 : Status bar is disabled as shown in the figure


Step 2 : Open windows->run and type regedit




Step 4 : Select Software


Step 5 : Select Microsoft


Step 6 : Select Notepad


Step 7 : Select StatusBar


Step 8 : The value data is 0 now


Step 9 : Change it to 1 and click ok


Step 10 : Open notepad. Now we can see the status bar in bottom of the screen


Wifi issue in Linux mint 13

Started to perpetuate my writing.. This time its about a wifi issue.. Said good bye to linux mint 12 and installed new and cool linux mint 13 (Maya). Doesn’t feel any difference in look. Worked fine.. But, got an issue. Wireless doesnt work.

Spent about an hour to fix the issue. At last, it ended mirthfully. Analyzed output of

ipconfig -a



etc .. etc.. but i didnt arrive to a solution. When i right clicked on network manager it showed the error message “firmware missing” and “device not ready”. Googled the error. Still, i was not able to make it.

Thought i should install firmware.. Installed broadcom firmware from software manager. Even then, i was fooled. Just checked whether drivers were correctly installed. Got the solution..

Go to Additional drivers from Menu -> Administration.. If you have some drivers to be installed it will be populated. Click on Activate to install the driver. Restart your computer. Now, its fixed.

Learnt a Lesson – ” Don’t think too much “..

How to install Reliance NetConnect in Linux Mint

1. Connect your usb modem. Open network connection from menu

2. Select mobile broadband tab

3. Click Add to create a new connection

4. Click forward button

5. Select Country

6. Select your service provider

7. Click apply

8. Enter the connection name

9. Enter username and password

10. Click connect automatically

11. Click save to finish

12. Now remove the usb data card and plug in. It will automatically connect