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Sanskrit Text: “Arjuna uvacha : senayor ubhayor madhye ratham sthapaya me acchutha”

Meaning: Arjuna requests Lord Krishna to drive his chariot into center of the two armies

Senayo: – Of the armies  – referring to the armies of Pandavas and Kauravas
Ubhayo – of both
Madhye – in the middle
Ratham – chariot
Sthapaya – stop
Me – My
Acchutha – the infallible

With no intention of fighting against his own kins, Arjuna requests his Sarathi to take him into the center of two armies. But, the question here is why he wants to move into the center of the army?

May be he wants to be a spectator and see what is going on against Pandavas or he is so curious to see the kins and relatives who turned against them.

In this world, we come across the same situation many times, when we have to make a decision and we are so confused on which side we should fall. Only way we can get clarity on situation is by standing in the middle and weighing with the pros and cons of the situation. May be thats what Arjuna is trying to do.


Are you wondering what i am talking about.. Very simple.. When you tell a ‘lie’ keep in mind that you are burying a ‘truth’. Before getting into the topic, i have a question . Is lying a sin ?

Definitely YES. No matter, what situation is and what impact it makes. Some people say that we can lie if it makes something good for others. Sorry, i will never agree that. Just they are making it right so that others can perform it without any hesitation. Whenever you are telling a lie, just ask a question with you .. Whether this lie is so necessary now?

We lie only for stupid things. A survey revealed a fact that most of the women lie when they speak about their diet. Just make a simple calculation. How many lies you would have spoken. How many lie will you speak if you are in this stage. If you see the final figure, you will wonder. Keep that in mind. We lie, only because we have never tasted the essence of truth.. taste is once.. you will never lie then.

Mahatma Gandhi is one of the best example for this.. Whenever i say him as an example, a question arises. Gandhi didnt speak truth from his birth. He changed in the latter stage. Then how could you point him as an example? For those who ask this question my answer is “Did you do that ? Then you dont have right to give a negative comment about him”. Really, its not easy to live such a dedicated life. Just give a try..

For a week if you can.. Atleast for three days, try to be honest. To everyone.. In every matter .. You should be truthful.. After one weak you will feel ashame of yourself. I guarantee that. Because, till now we didnt taste the truth.. This task is like, offering you a tasty chocolate. You cannot judge its taste without eating it. So, make an attempt.. Nothing you gonna lose if you fail in this attempt, but there are so many things you will gain if you reach it.