how to enable status bar in notepad

Status bar option in notepad will be disabled when you have selected wordwrap option. That too when we are using notepad as a programming language editor status bar plays a big role to find out the error by corresponding line number.. In this case follow these steps

Step 1 : Status bar is disabled as shown in the figure


Step 2 : Open windows->run and type regedit




Step 4 : Select Software


Step 5 : Select Microsoft


Step 6 : Select Notepad


Step 7 : Select StatusBar


Step 8 : The value data is 0 now


Step 9 : Change it to 1 and click ok


Step 10 : Open notepad. Now we can see the status bar in bottom of the screen


First half is the best half

Today, i am going to talk about the most easiest thing that we can do for our own goodness. But, we have created a misconception that its a difficult task.. The topic that i gonna talk about is “Battle with the bed”.. Could you recognise what i am talking about?

yeah, its about getting early in the morning. The first half an hour in the morning the best time of that day. Thats why i quoted the topic as ‘First half is the best half’. First of all, we should know the reason why i am insisting you to get up earlier. Getting up earlier stabilises the mind and the body. The first half an hour will have a very big impact in your whole day.

In addition to rising with the sun, we need to make use of the time effectively. My suggestions are to read your favourite books, listening melody songs, meditation, yoga or anything that will make you fresh. The greatest gift that we got is , time moves more slowly in morning and we feel too brisk after the cold water bath. Continuously performing it for a month will definitely show a difference in your life.

Key to Success – Be Courteous

How many times you have given lift to a stranger ? How you respond to a wrong call which you get it frequently ? Have you ever guided someone to a place in a very polite way? These are the common situations where we can test our courteousness.

There is a story.. Once an old man was slowly walking in the street. A very young and energetic guy accosted him and asked how much time it will take to reach the railway station. The old man replied politely that he doesn’t know. The young guy crossed few steps and the old man called him again. Now, the old man replied that it will take 10 minutes to reach railway station. The young guy asked him why he didn’t tell it when he asked for first time . The old man said that he doesn’t know in what speed he can walk. Now he know it and hence he gave an answer. That’s experience.

Every person we meet in this world has some impact in our life. Learn to be polite .. There will be difficult situation which will trigger your anger, keep in mind that whenever you get angry, you are losing something . Calm yourself.. Respond properly.. It will give a very nice impression to the people around you .. Always be helpful. Don’t hesitate to help others.

Always keep a smiling face.. Make a happiest surrounding around you.. If your environment is happy , you will also be happy.. Make others laugh. If one person laughs because of you, then you have achieved the goal for the day. Be courteous to everyone and lead your life in a happy way!

Key to Success – Discover your calling

If you really believe that you have entered this world for a specific purpose, you can continue reading this post. The society has been ravaged such that we are not having time to spend with our loved once, we dont mingle with new persons in and around us , we will never attempt to learn new things in life. But, we have enormous time to work with machines and speak in cell phones. We have lost the touch with humanity.

Great personalities always turned their life to be the best. You know how? By discovering their calling. To lead a meaningful life, to put your whole efforts and values in your work and to simply enjoy the journey of life first we need to discover our calling. As i said earlier, we are here for a unique purpose. Find out what it is.

Discovering your calling is bringing more of yourself into your work and focus on things to you do best. Ask questions to your heart. Are your really happy with the work that you are doing? Are you using all your talents and values in your work.. Does your life satisfy the purpose you came to this world? If you get a negative answer, work on it. Find out what you need to do.

At last, the golden worlds of Mahatma, “Be the change that you wish to see most in your world”. Follow it, you have a meaningful life ahead!

Gangai Konda Cholapuram Temple

Gangai Konda Cholapuram Temple

Gangai Konda Cholapuram temple’s visit is one of the fascinating trip that i have ever experienced.. It was so special because i drove car for hundredth distance.. Gangai Konda Cholapuram is around 110 KM from Thiruchirappalli. First i would like to share some specialties of that temple.

Gangai Konda Cholapuram temple was built by Rajendra Cholan(Son on Raja Raja Cholan). Gangai Konda Cholapuram temple and Brahadeeshwara temple(built by Raja Raja Cholan) are of kindred spirits.. Lord Brahadeeshwarar(Siva),Godess Brahadeeshwari(parvathi), Lord nandhi are in both temples. Lord nandhi’s statue in Gangai Konda Cholapuram is bigger than that of Brahadeeshwara. I have attached the photo of nandhi below..

Gangai Konda Cholapuram temple's Nandi

Godess Brahadeeshwari’s height in Gangai Konda Cholapuram temple is 10.5 feet and Lord Brahadeeshwar is in the form of lingam which is around 13 feet. The height of God, Goddess and nandhi is heigher than that of Tanjore Brahadeeswara temple but not the tower. To be frank, the temple is being maintained well by the authorities.. Very greenish.. There is a secret pathway to Tanjore from this temple used in ancient times. Now it’s closed, but we can view the entrance. The snap of the entrance is here.
Secret Pathway

Secret Pathway to Tanjore

We are so blessed to visit this temple during Annabishekam. Annabishekam festivel is celebrated once in an year here in this temple. Tonnes and Tonnes of rice are boiled and presented to Lord siva in the form of abishekam. We entered the temple in mid of the day. Lord Siva was almost fully immersed in rice(13 feet full of rice)..Wow! Very amazing to watch.. From evening the rice will be presented to people in the form of Annathanam(free meals). Annathanam was presented in nearby mandapam(about 5 mins walk). To be frank, this time food was okay.. This time it looked overcrowded and have to wait for an hour for meals.
Thats it from the best side of this.. Must visit this temple if you get a chance..

Here comes the worst part. The route we followed to reach Gangai Konda Cholapuram from Trichy.. We headed through lalgudi, dalmiapuram, ariyalur route.. One of the worst route .. Don’t ever think of driving in these roads.. OMG! ***.. I have one alternate pathway which we followed while retuning from there.. From Gangai Konda cholpuram head straight to reach Jayamkondam. Near bus stand there will be two roads splitting from a point. One will lead to Ariyalur thro Dalmiapuram which one is the worst .. The other one is NH route which heads through Sendurai.. Sendurai is located around 30 Kms from there. It will link to Perambalur.. No need to enter Perambalur City.. 5 Kms before Perambalur we have to turn to connect Chennai-Tiruchi National Highways..we have to travel 25 Kms extra in this route.. But its more comfortable and takes the same time(even less time if you drive fast in NH) as the other route.. So, i request you people, if you are going from Trichy to this place pls pls pls dont follow the Lalgudi route… Anyway, it became an unforgettable trip in my life in both aspects

Tata Nano –> Really cheap and best!

Tata Nano is best suitable for those who are looking for a car at cheapest price. Peoples are trying to slander Tata Nano without even knowing about that. The price is now Rs. 1,80,000. There are three models in it. The highest one costs Rs. 2,30,000. Nano stands good in terms of mileage. It gives around 22-24kms in Highways and 18-20 in city. There are three colours available in it, yellow, silver and champion gold. Among them champion gold looks good.

Regarding comfort, good leg space is provided. You can stretch your legs fully when you sit in it. Nano also has an advantage of size. Its too short but little bit inclined when compared to other cars. And seatings are said to be bench seat, where you can easy sit and come out. Where as in Maruthi 800, Alto, Wagon R, Chevrolet Spark you have to bend a lot to get into car. Unlike other cars Nano has engine at backside which has greater advantages. Parking is also very easy since its too small.

Continuous journey is to be avoided who use Nano car. Atleast 10-15 rest should be given for every 150 kms of continuous drive. 120km/hr is the max speed that can be achieved. No power steering. Only 4 people can sit comfortably. There is no space provided at back to keep things.Diesel version of this car is not available. Engine failures are really rumors about nano. Now they have fixed the problem. So no need to worry about that.

considering mileage ,comfort and price Nano is the best..