Google Books Ngram

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Programming
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As the days are passing , computers are getting faster and faster . At the same time, the amount of data that is being used is growing exponentially. Hence, we are in a path of finding how to handle, store and analyze the huge data set in a effecient manner.

One among such example is Google Books Ngram . if you just navigate to the following URL

Google Books

you will be seeing a text box asking you to enter a book name. And it will search from 5.2 million books.

Believe it or not, Google has digitized all 5.2 million books and has come up with the concept of NGRAM.

This link will show you a default page like .

Google Books Ngram

Before getting into the page description , we need to know what is ngram . N-gram is a word in which , N is the number of times the word is being used in the books between selected years .

In graph , by default it shows the output of 3 different names, Sherlock Homes, Albert Einstein , Frankenstein . It go searches in 5.2 Million books and yields a graph with the N-gram count, which can tell you the exact amount of time the word is being used in the books on those specific years.

Even the data set is available to download and research . These kind of data analysis is used for prediction and other purpose. It yields interesting results when analyzed with selective phrases.


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