XAMPP –> problems fixed

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Technical Stuffs
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XAMPP – I downloaded it from apache foundation and it is the best server for php. But it took enormous time to clear the errors in it..I am sharing my experience in this post which will be useful for those who are going to use Xampp..

Before you start your xampp control panel check whether the following applications run

1. skype
2. Nod 32
3. other antivirus program of the same kind

Because these programs use port 80 and does not allow apache or mysql to run in it.
In my computer xampp was working fine. But when I installed tomcat separately, apache and mysql didn’t get started. When you click the batch file it will show the error message . IN the control panel it will show the status as busy!

I got weird..i spent nearly 1 hour to fix up the problem. It was because, already a process was running at port 80..Hence we need to stop that procedure..i have given the steps to stop that process

1. startruncmd
2. type “netstat –ao –p tcp”
3. in the second column fine the port 80
4. for that row note down the port id(last column)
5. open task manager
6. click processes
7. Find the process by its pid
8. End the process

Ending the process alone wont fix the problem..you have to find that process belongs which software…

1. start runservices.msc
2. stop the service of that particular process

For safety measures change the apache port from port 80 to port 8888. U can perform in apache config file. Clear your start up so that no process initiates when you start windows

1. startrunmsconfig
2. select startup
3. select disableall
4. restart


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